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We service the following areas, please select one to learn more:

Maine Rainbow Trout.
Kennebec River Dead River
The Forks Bingham
Solon Madison
Shawmut Smaller Rivers & Streams



Fishing in Maine.

The Kennebec River:

Each section of this large river is unique in its structure, habitat, and species. The following area descriptions offer a glimpse of what is available for the fly fisher.



The Forks:

One of the Kennebec's scenic and depending on location, more remote sections. Because of power generation, flow schedules here fluctuate daily. The majority of the trips take place early in the morning or late afternoon through evening. Though, again, depending on releases and flows from tributaries, wading can take place all day. We target landlocked salmon and brook trout here. Though, occasionally, a rainbow or brown trout can be caught. Wade trips here can be mild to difficult, roadside to arduous undertakings. The hiking to some of the areas can be just as rewarding as the fishing.

Having the mindset to cover water well and to move often either on foot or vehicle can provide the physically fit fly fisher much more opportunity to cover new water. This is a fun and demanding way to fish and not for everyone. It is also not the only option here. Autumn here is a beautiful and quiet time. With salmon and brook trout preparing for spawning, it can be the place to be in September and October.

Fall foliage in The Forks, Maine.

Offering for the Forks section:

  • April through early July and then again September through October.
  • Both full and half day wading trips are offered.
  • Full day float trips are available depending on flow schedules and volume.


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Water releases from Wyman Dam are much cooler than any of the other tail waters on the Kennebec. Water temperatures and the geography of the river combine to make this one of Maine’s most valuable and unique tail waters. Though flow rates do fluctuate, they are not of the extremes of the Forks section. A wild population of rainbow trout is the main attraction of this part of the river. Landlocked salmon and brook trout also inhabit the tail water.

This is a demanding fishery. It requires patience, skill and a good presentation level. Float tips here combine many techniques, including

Rainbow trout caught in Bingham, Maine.

a fair amount of wading. Intermediate and advanced fly fishers will test

their skills here while beginner anglers can learn much from the area.

Offerings for the Bingham section:

  • May to October.
  • Wade trips available for both full and half days.
  • Float trips available for full day only.


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This is a float trip of amazingly scenic beauty. With riffles and runs, pools, back channels, shelves, and banks, anglers are faced with a wide variety of techniques to challenge their skills. The wildlife here is abundant and the birdlife is nothing short of outstanding at times. Bald eagles, ospreys and kingfishers are seen on a daily basis. This is one trip that everyone should take for the sheer pleasure of it. This is a great place to learn how to fish from a driftboat. Hatches are as varied as the

Fishing in Solon, Maine.

river itself. Mayflies, caddis, stoneflies, and other food sources can all be on the water simultaneously.

Offerings for the Solon section:

  • Late May until early July and then again September through October.
  • Full and half day float trips are available.
  • Wade trips are not offered for this section.


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A rich aquatic life, healthy brown trout and landlocked salmon, and easy access make this section of the Kennebec increasingly popular. Though there is a relatively short wading section, the numbers of fish can be astounding. The more skilled wader can be rewarded very well here. Hatches here are of a high volume and are consistent. This is one of

Brown trout.

Maine’s riches tail waters in aquatic life. This section has something for every skill level, whether a complete novice or a seasoned veteran.

Offerings for the Madison section:

  • Mid May through early July and then mid-September through early November.
  • Wade trips available both half and full days.
  • Drift boat trips are not offered for this section.


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This section is incredibly popular and deservingly so. A very rich tail water situated in farmland produces a lasting experience. Rainbow and

Client with fish.

brown trout thrive here and continue to amaze us with their growth rate. This section can produce some of the best (and most frustrating) dry fly fishing of the year. Hatches start in mid May and continue throughout the season.

Offerings for the Shawmut section:

  • Mid-May through early July then late September through early November.
  • Wade trips available for either full or half days.
  • Float rips available also either full or half days.


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The Dead River:

Landlocked salmon, brook trout, rainbow trout and the occasional brown trout are all in residence here. This river does have fluctuating flows on certain dates, so planning ahead is crucial to prime fishing.

Whether 90 degree nymphing or presenting large attractor dries, the ability to use different methods can greatly improve your day on this

Dead River Salmon.

water. Again, like some other waters, this can be roadside or fairly rugged so there is something for everyone.

Offerings on the Dead River:

  • April through early July and September until the end of October.
  • Full and half day wade trips.
  • No float trips are offered.


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Smaller rivers and streams:

Fishing for trout in a small stream setting is for us one of fly fishing’s greater challenges. Technical casts and delicate presentations, all while sight fishing, contribute to the demanding nature of these waters.

We have at our disposal numerous waters to fish within close proximity of each other. Having that much water to choose from gives us the option of fishing one to three streams in a day. Due to the size of these smaller waters, a one to one ratio is suggested as the most productive and enjoyable option.

Small waterfall in Maine.

Memorable locations, jewel like fish, dry flies and smaller rods (2-4 weight) all combine to make this a lasting experience.

Offerings for smaller rivers and streams:

  • April through October.
  • Both half and full day wade trips are available.


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